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Tan Thai Therapy Massage

68 North St, Southville, Bristol BS3 1HJ


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Thai Massage treatment is unique in that it doesn’t use strokes, but instead compresses and stretches your body.   Nicknamed “lazy Yoga”, patients remain fully clothed while the therapist applies weight from their own bod.

This eases the patient into specific postures to loosen muscles and alleviates joint pains.  Thai Massage includes speciality methods such as the therapist walking on your back and meditation to bring the whole body into total relaxation.


During a Thai massage the client is pulled, stretched and rocked.  The therapist will use their whole body to do this including thumbs, elbows and knees.  Some might even walk on the client. 


The main and most obvious difference from a Thai massage compared to a Swedish or deep tissue massage is that oils are not used and you are likely to be fully clothed. Because the body stretches are used rather than body strokes a Thai massage is likely to be a very different experience from one you may be used to.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF A THAI MASSAGE? Thai massage is holistic and designed to help you lower your stress levels. Studies have shown that Thai massage is excellent at reducing the levels of stress markers called sAA. This reduction in stress can in turn help other illnesses and disorders such as depression and cardiovascular disease.

By stimulating the circulation in the body, Thai massage can also help relieve headaches and chronic migraines. The massage can help release the tension which builds up and causes this discomfort.  The improves circulation helps to carry oxygenated blood to muscles which can help to promote cell growth and maintain a health blood circulation and heart. Similarly to yoga, the stretching element of a thai massage can help improve the movement and range of motions in a patient. Regular Thai massages can help athletes reduce the potential for injuries caused by muscle tightness and also increase their performance.